It is not everyday that people you know appear on a national television show, but there they were on the Today Show Sunday morning. Part of the John Schmitt family from Quincy and Ursa just happened to go to the Today Show and be in the crowd for the Sunday broadcast seen on NBC Television nationwide and locally on WGEM-TV.

In speaking with John's wife, Marianne, she relayed the fact that actually another woman was asked to be the "Fan of the Day," but declined because she was too "scared" to do so. So Marianne stepped up and volunteered to do so and was accepted. They brought John and their daughter, Graceann DeVlieger, along with Graceann's husband, Andrew, into the studios to be on the show. All four were actually on the show, but Marianne got to do the live promotional announcement.

This all happened because John and Marianne went to visit Graceann and Andrew in New York for the weekend, before John headed on to a business meeting in Baltimore. Knowing Marianne as well as I do, it doesn't surprise me that she was a natural in front of the camera. It was still pretty cool to see someone you know on the Today Show of all places.

When asked for her autograph, she jokingly told me I would have to get in line. Probably because I am a Yankee fan. Leave it up to Marianne to try and upstage Derek Jeter on his day in New York!

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