I miss so many things and yard sales is defiantly one of the, but the Quincy Police Department wants you to know that now is not the time to hold a yard sale.

In a post on the Quincy Police Department Facebook page, they are simply asking to not hold a yard sale until the all clear is given.

During this time of mandated restrictions, we know that you are cleaning out your home. Do not hold garage/yard sales at this time. There are several reasons, but first and foremost, this does not allow for social distancing, which can increase the spread of COVID-19...Non-compliance of this order can result in citations being issued.

Look, I know this is not fun, and I too have been doing some spring cleaning and getting stuff ready for a yard sale, but now is not the time to hold one. Be safe, and be smart, and this will pass and we will soon be able to have garage/yard sales again.


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