Quincy Community Theatre has announced they are rescheduling their entire 2020 season.

Here in Illinois as the state goes through a methodical reopening to battle coronavirus, gatherings of large groups of people seem less and less likely to happen in 2020. This unfortunately drastically effects concerts, fairs, and of course theatre. Quincy Community Theatre announced with a press release this morning that they are rescheduling their entire season. In the press release they say...

"We want to present this season to the fullest, and with the current projections of this pandemic’s effect on large-scale gatherings, we see that our original plans will need to change. To ensure we are able to deliver the season as we originally set out to do, we have made the decision to transfer the 2020 season to 2021"

They also want to provide options for season ticket holders and people who have already purchased tickets for Chicago, which was set to open the week the shut down in Illinois started, they ask you to contact them which you can do by clicking here!

If you listen to the morning show "Mornings w/Mark and Sam" which I co-host you know that I have been very involved with Quincy Community Theatre since moving to Quincy, and I am lucky enough to be in the cast of Chicago which has now been rescheduled to 2021. This news hit really deep for me, as actors and performers we choose to be involved because we love telling stories and feeling the rush of getting up their in front of a packed crowd. To know that the cast of Chicago will have to wait until next year to present this fantastic production to the Tri-States really stinks, but trust me it will be worth the wait!



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