Halloween may be a fun holiday for kids and parents alike, but always remember to be safe.  To make Halloween a treat for all, the Quincy Police Department would like for parents to talk to your children about these safety tips:

  • Don’t go out trick-or-treating alone or late at night.  Go before dark if you can with friends or, even better, with an adult you trust.
  • Stay in your neighborhood.  If you go out after dark, stay on well-lighted streets and carry a flashlight.  NEVER enter stranger’s house or car.
  • Wear a costume that can be seen in the dark, is non-flammable, and fits well so you don’t trip when you walk.  Use makeup instead of a mask because masks can obstruct vision.
  • Make sure older kids trick-or-treat in groups and not alone.  Together, map out a safe route and tell them to only stop at familiar houses with the porch lights on.
  • Don’t eat any treats until you get home and an adult has examined them. Eat only unopened candies and other treats that are in original wrappers.

Parents don’t forget these Halloween driving “tricks” to keep everyone safe:

  • Obey the law and don’t use a cell phone while driving through neighborhoods.  A single distraction could lead to a tragedy.
  • Stay well below the posted speed limit.
  • Do not assume children can see you or are paying attention.  You need to take that responsibility.
  • Pay attention to what’s happening on the sidewalks and roadways.  Watch for children darting across streets, especially between parked cars.
  • Do not pass other vehicles that have stopped in the roadway as they could be dropping off children.

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