When it comes to laws that protect your pets there is only one state that is better than Illinois, proving that if you are a pet lover Illinois is the state for you!

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According to advantagenew.com, Illinois ranks second-best in the country when it comes to laws in place to protect your four-legged family members. It has been a dominant run for the Land of Lincoln when it comes to pet protection, Illinois was on top of this list for 12 years in a row before falling to second place behind Maine. The list is put together by Animal Legal Defense Fund and states are judged in 20 different categories of animal protection. In the article they say...

"A new Illinois law that took effect at the start of 2022 prevents residents with two or more abuse and neglect charges from legally owning an animal. Other states also are making changes."

The website goes on to talk about how Illinois also has laws in place that make juveniles convicted of animal cruelty and animal hoarders go under psychological evaluations. But Illinois could do more though stating that Illinois should make people convicted of animal cruelty forfeit their animals, right now it is up to the judge's discretion whether or not to make them give up their animals. To read the full article for yourself click here! 

Personally, I think these are laws that should be on the federal level, not just state by state, pets and animals in this country deserve laws that protect them from horrible people who don't care for them well enough and abuse them. I'm glad Illinois takes animal protection seriously!

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