Pretenders leader Chrissy Hynde said the band was surprised to have found it has enough material for a new album and that rehearsals were due to begin soon, with a goal to completing it this year.

She also said her Valve Bone Woe LP would arrive in the summer, after delays she didn’t fully understand.

She previously discussed both projects in 2018, suggesting that the Pretenders’ 11th record could be called Hate for Sale, and adding that Valve Bone Woe – which she described as “a trippy jazzy dub album with orchestration” – was being made in collaboration with producer and composer Marius De Vries.

“Don’t ask me why it’s taken so long,” Hynde said in a Facebook post. “It’s all about scheduling and record companies and stuff I don’t get involved with. The good news is, it really is coming out. We will be playing the Hollywood Bowl with the Valve Bone Woe Ensemble and maybe some other shows but still waiting for offers.”

She went on to say she’s been “assembling songs” with bandmate James Walbourne, “and to our surprise, we have enough for the next Pretenders album, so we’re planning on recording that soon instead of next year. James, Nick [Wilkinson], Mart [Chambers] and I go in this week to start rehearsing for it. As Lou Reed said, ‘You can’t beat two guitars, bass and drums.’”

Meanwhile, Hynde reported that her non-slaughter dairy farm was doing well, and predicted that old-fashioned farming methods would make a return. “One day we won’t need animal sanctuaries because farms will be sanctuaries where animals are treated like the sacred creatures they are,” she said.

“One day cows will be revered and held in the highest regard and never killed. One day cows grazing on the land will insure the return of healthy top soil. One day oxen plowing the land will see the end of fossil fuels. One day all the poisonous gases emitted by industrial farms will be history.”

She noted that "we need farms. We need farmers. We need cows. We need to support them more than ever with all the bad press they’re getting because of factory farms. Animal-rights groups are now tarring all farms with the same brush. Shame on them!”

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