What in the world is happening in Kansas City these days. If this story is any indication, pure insanity as a news report says police recently chased someone's pet camel through the city.

UPDATE: There is now video of the camel before he was captured.

Original Story: I saw this reported by UPI, but didn't truly believe it until I saw the Bonner Springs Police Department Facebook post for myself. It's a...camel.

They say almost nonchalant that they chased the camel across a golf course, down the highway and through a few neighborhoods. The camel was reunited with its owner which makes it someone's PET CAMEL. That's ALL CAPS because it's crazy.

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This episode led to a misguided search for "can you have a pet camel in Missouri?". I don't recommend you try this. The first result is a Michigan State law thing that talks about not being able to keep exotic animals, but camels aren't mentioned specifically.

That led to my next ill-advised search to discover if a camel classified as a weapon. The short answer is yes, but don't ask why. The smell of camels in the Middle East was used as a weapon. The more you know.

How and why a camel is someone's pet in Kansas City is beyond me. The good news is he was captured and it's not even Wednesday yet. Whew.

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