Just days before the Super Bowl, Planters boldly killed off Mr. Peanut, the iconic top-hatted legume that has served as the company's mascot for over 100 years. But in a new Super Bowl ad, it appears that Mr. Peanut has been reincarnated as Baby Nut, a bug-eyed little rascal that... speaks dolphin? Check it out for yourself:

The 30-second commercial picks up at Mr. Peanut's funeral, which is attended by famed brand mascots Mr. Clean and the Kool-Aid Man. As a single tear falls from the Kool-Aid Man's eye, it lands on a mound of dirt that suddenly begins to sprout with life. Emerging from the fresh plant is Baby Nut, squealing with newborn innocence. It appears that Planters has taken a cue from Disney+ series The Mandalorian — Baby Nut shares much in common with The Child, endearingly known as "Baby Yoda". Seeing the success Star Wars had with creating an infant version of a beloved character, Planters wasted no time in conceiving their own little bundle of joy. The only difference is that Baby Nut actually is Mr. Peanut, just in a new body.

But besides all that, this ad campaign opens up a whole new can of nuts. How was Mr. Peanut's memory able to transfer to Baby Nut? Do all peanuts have some sort of shared consciousness? Do the Kool-Aid Man's tears hold magical, life-giving properties, similar to Rapunzel in Tangled? This whole thing is just a little nuts.

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