It's not gonna win any size contests, but I've found a tiny home in Missouri that easily costs less than most new vehicles you could buy right now.

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When I look at homes this small, I wonder if it might be a perfect starter home for a newly-married couple that haven't started a family yet. Maybe it could be a second home for a hunter who wants more than a tent to stay in on trips. It could also be a neat travel home for anyone who's retired and wants to travel.

I found this tiny home near Buckner, Missouri. There's more space inside than you think.

Missouri Tiny Home that Costs Less than Most New Cars

It's one bedroom and one bathroom and has a teeny tiny 96 square feet of living space, but there are ways to make that work if you don't have a ton of stuff.

The asking price by Jesse on Tiny House as of this writing is only $38,900. If you go to a car lot and look at just about any model of new vehicle in this economy, it's hard to find many less than that.

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