We Americans are a resilient people. My guess is that we Tri-State people are better at it than the rest of America is.  Needless to say, life has been different for all of us over the past couple of weeks. Restaurants with schools closed, people working from home, empty parking lots, traffic at a minimum and people "social distancing" from others. We have all been asked to sacrifice in hopes of beating the Coronavirus crisis.  Not only is it different, but it has been weird.

We have all learned a little bit about ourselves that we didn't know before. Some are more patient than we thought we could be. Others are less patient than they thought. Some can adapt to a new schedule and others can't. There are those who can find things to do and others are bored to death. Some can't live without sports on TV and others say "finally a night without sports on TV".

Regardless of which side you are on with these issues, we all want the same thing. That is to get back to what our lives used to be. That will eventually happen, but what we all need more of than anything else is to have patience and that will be one of the hardest things we all will face.  Stay safe....

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