You know you’ve made it when you get added to the dictionary. For example, I’ll know I’ve really achieved my dream of killing myself with garvage movie tie-in food when the Oxford Englsih Dictionary adds the word “mattsinger” to describe the act of eating an enormous and ill-advised meal — as in the sentence “Oof, my stomach is killing me today, I should not have mattsingered that entire Smallfoot menu at Cold Stone Creamery.”

Sadly, my day has not yet come. But the OED has announced a hefty update anyway, which features a large number of film terms and phrases. For example, you will now find “Tarantinoesque” in the Oxford English Dictionary. Officially, now, it means:

Resembling or imitative of the films of Quentin Tarantino; characteristic or reminiscent of these films. Tarantino’s films are typically characterized by graphic and stylized violence, non-linear storylines, cineliterate references, satirical themes, and sharp dialogue.

Other directors on the list of new OED additions include David Lynch (“Lynchian”), Fritz Lang (“Langian”), Stanley Kubrick (“Kubrickian”), Buster Keaton (“Keatonesque”), Orson Welles (“Wellesian”), and Steven Spieberg. Henceforth, we all know that “Spielbergian” means...

Of, relating to, or characteristic of the films of Steven Spielberg, esp. as having fantastical or humanist themes or a sentimental feel.

These additions weren’t limited to adjectives based on director’s names. For example, the OED now includes a new definition for “eleven” inspired by its usage in This Is Spinal Tap. This eleven isn’t just a random numeral. It means... reach or surpass the maximum level or limit; to an extreme or intense degree. Esp. in to turn (something) up to eleven and variants.

You can get a full rundown of the Oxford’s film additions here. Just know that now when you call a large group of people all talking over one another “Altmanesque” you now do so with the blessing of the world’ most respected dictionary.

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