When it comes to Kesha's crush on Harry Styles, the 'Warrior' queen declares her love for the One Direction member loud and proud ... that is, when Hazza isn't listening in, of course!

The 'Crazy Kids' songstress had a seriously blush-worthy moment during a recent interview. Kesha's made no secret of the fact that she thinks Styles is a total hottie in the past, but her most recent rant about the British boy bander left the singer super embarrassed, as Hazza was listening in on the entire thing!

She told Radio 1 (via 4Music), "You know I have a thing for Harry Styles, he looks like a young Mick Jagger. He has a good mouth. It's true! I'm not trying to be a pervert, but I mean, it's kind of innate with me ... [I'd give him] a ten out of ten."

After going totally ga-ga over Harry's good looks, Kesha was then informed by Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw that Styles had been listening in on the entire conversation via a secret phone line. Before facetiously threatening Grimshaw's life, she quickly told Harry, "I'm really sorry. This is super embarrassing. You're a ten in my eyes. This is so awkward." Styles then jokingly replied, "It's embarrassing for you, not so much for me."

After she got over her foot-in-mouth moment, Kesha began to shmooze the One Direction member a bit, asking about his favorite color was and his astrological sign. And while you wouldn't think it at first glance, it turns out these two have a bit in common! They both love green, they're both water-related signs (Kesha's a Pisces -- an actual water sign -- to Styles' waterbearer Aquarius), and they both love sushi, to which Kesha said, "Well guess what, you came to the right lady then if you like fish."

After Harry hung up, Kesha expressed concern that she had ruined her chances of ever striking up a romance with him. "I don't love him -- I just think he's cute. I hate you, now he thinks I'm a dork," she told Grimshaw.

This is all too funny, but we also feel Ms. Sebert's pain. Who wants to look like a geek in front of one of the hottest stars on the planet?! Certainly not a cool chick like Kesha!

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