Disney+ has released a new trailer in advance of Disney’s upcoming movie The One and Only Ivan, based on the best-selling children’s novel by Katherine Applegate. The adaptation is directed by Thea Sharrock and written by Mike White. The story follows a 400-pound silverback gorilla named Ivan (Sam Rockwell) who is born in the jungle but raised by humans, eventually becoming the star of a circus act inside a mall. But when a young elephant named Ruby (Brooklynn Prince) arrives at the circus, Ivan begins to question all the animals' place in captivity. Together, they hatch a plan to escape:

Viewing this trailer, you may not pick up on every celebrity appearance, because y’know... they’re playing animals. But just to recap, we have Rockwell as Ivan, Angelina Jolie as Stella the elephant, Danny DeVito as Bob the dog, Helen Mirren as Snickers the poodle, and Bryan Cranston as Mack, the mall owner. You’ll actually be able recognize to recognize that last one pretty quickly.

Based off the clip above, The One and Only Ivan looks equal parts Tarzan and Dumbo, with a splash of Doolittle. Hopefully, it can avoid the trappings of the latter, which was little more than a devastating hodgepodge of celebrity voices as hapless CGI animals. Considering Applegate’s book offers a more compelling story, it should be safe to expect something marginally better.

The One and Only Ivan is available for streaming exclusively on Disney+ starting August 14.

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