A food website handed out their 2022 Best Barbecue Restaurant awards and of course, Missouri is home to the best BBQ restaurant in the whole country.

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According to the professional food website called gayot.com Missouri is home to the best bbq restaurant in the entire country, and that restaurant is called Arthur Bryant's Restaurant located at 1727 Brooklyn Ave. in Kansas City, Missouri. Arthur Bryant's beats out places like Big Bob Gibson in Alabama, Fox Bros in Atlanta, Franklin BBQ in Texas, and Smoque BBQ in Chicago (which shout out to Smoque a Chicago BBQ place coming in the top 10 must mean it is phenomenal). In the review of Arthur Bryant's in KC the site says...

"Pitmasters pile wood-smoked meats onto slices of white bread painted with sauce at Arthur Bryant's Barbeque in Kansas City. They do up three sauces here, including the original, which has a dusky texture. They also cover all the bases when it comes to traditional sides: Creamy coleslaw made from finely shredded cabbage, meaty beans and fresh-cut, peel-on french fries."

To read more, and to see the complete list for yourself just click here! 

I wanted to see the menu at Arthur Bryant's so I looked up their website and found it here. Their menu looks brilliant with items such as Burnt Ends sandwiches, Baked Potatoes, and of course Ribs.

I have never been to Arthur Bryant's but it has quickly shot up my list of must travel to food destinations, I know Kansas City is famous for their BBQ so I was not shocked to see a KC joint on the top of this list but is this really the best place in KC in your opinion?

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