I was reading with interest an article in the Herald Whig last Saturday in which the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, mentioned that his mega-rocket carrying astronauts into space could possible be used to transport people here on Earth. At a conference in Australia, Musk elaborated  somewhat on his thinking of using the rocker ship to go from point A to point B in record setting time on Earth. He commented why not use the high-speed technology to transport passengers on our own planet. Why not?

According to Musk, passengers wanting to go from New York to Los Angeles could make the trip in 25 minutes. That's right 25 minutes. New York to Shanghai could be accomplished in 39 minutes according to the article.

In case you were wondering what it would cost, Musk said a seat would be about the same as a full-fare economy plane ticket. The article didn't mention the effects of the G-forces on your body from such an adventure.

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