If you'd like to have some of your faith restored in humanity, pay attention to a great deed that happened in New London today. A veteran's flag pole had fallen, but his neighbors quickly came to his rescue.

I saw Ralls County Sheriff Brad Stinson share this story this morning on Facebook. The name of the veteran he mentions is Glenn Houchins. Brad told me this about what a good guy Glenn is:

He has for years come across the street to help fix things at the sheriffs office. From down spouts to planting to weeding the garden.

This morning, the American flag flying outside of Glenn's house was down and he appealed for help.

It tells you a lot about our part of America that a veteran has his flag fall and within hours his neighbors have it flying again. It's a tribute to people's appreciation for Glenn and what he's done for the community and pride in making sure a veteran is honored.

Well done, New London community. We applaud you.

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