Because you definitely do not have enough streaming services to choose from already, NBCUniversal is starting another. It’s called Peacock, and we’re starting to get a better sense of exactly what it is beyond a place that will have reruns of The Office and Parks and Recreation.

First of all, there will be three different tiers of the service, each with a different price and different amounts of programming and ads. The basic level is free; the rest cost money. They are:

  • Peacock Free: 7,500 hours of programming - no monthly cost
  • Peacock Premium: 15,000 hours of programming, live sports, early access to late night shows - $4.99
  • Peacock Premium With No Ads: $9.99 for the above without ads.

Comcast and Cox subscribers will get Peacock Premium for free (or the no-ad tier for $5). But what do you get for your money. So far, Peacock will definitely include

  • More than 600 films and 400 TV series
  • Every Saturday Night Live episode ever
  • Premier League soccer (starting in August); the Ryder Cup (September)
  • Coverage of the Tokyo Olympics
  • New revivals of series like Saved By the Bell, Punky Brewster, and Battlestar Galactica
  • Every episode of 30 RockParks and Recreation, and The Office (in 2021)
  • Standup and comedy content from Kevin Hart
  • Every episode of Two and a Half Men
  • A MacGruber series from the creators of the movie
  • A new Psych movie (along with the original series)

That last one alone makes it a must try. Peacock launches on April 15 for Comcast subscribers. The rest of us will get our chance to log on starting on July 15.

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