It is a great time of year to finally get back on the water. But you have to do things right.

Many people are getting the boat out and getting it ready for the summer ahead. But you need to make sure everything is good with that boat and and everything within that boat.

Knowing all the laws on the water, as well as being aware of the environment in which you will be boating in us a big focus of National Safe Boating Week. Accidents do happen on the water. In 2014 there were 179 boating accidents reported in Missouri, with 101 injuries and 15 fatalities.

You must have a personal flotation device for everyone on board. That could save a life. Keep an eye out for children along the shoreline or on a dock. A drowning can occur quickly with little or now sign the victim is struggling. It is just basic things you need to know to stay safe around the water.

Kurt Parsons
Kurt Parsons

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