It’s too bad that Halloween can’t be celebrated like it used to be when I was a kid.  I would spend about a week thinking of just what I was going to wear on that “scary” night and then I would tell my Mom what I needed for my costume. She was good at making costumes.

Growing up in Upstate New York it can get quite cold on Halloween so whatever costume I wanted had to be able to be worn over a coat that I had to wear (Mother’s orders).  When the night finally arrived, my brother and I would meet up with my friends and off we would go.  We would go door to door, block by block, throughout the neighborhood.  There was no car driving us around.

We walked the whole night and when the bag became heavy with candy we would head home and dump all of it on the living room carpet.  We would sort it out to see what we wanted and the rest we would give to Mom to “re-gift” for the late trick or treaters that night.

Then we would head out for round two into the other neighborhoods. We would hit every house there was on the block. Well, almost every house.  In every neighborhood there was always that one house that nobody dare approach the door. The old people there scared us during the daylight so going there at night was not an option. But the thought of ringing the doorbell of that house was what made Halloween what it was, a scary but fun night to be out with your friends after dark.

It was a different but fun time then, but a time that today’s generation is really missing out on and that is too bad.

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