You've got to wonder how successful the singer Meat Loaf would be if he were just a Marvin.  He won't reveal why he changed his name to America's favorite comfort food, but it seems to work for Mr. Aday.  Would Chaim Witz lead his band KISS to the top of the charts?  Hard to say, but Gene Simmons didn't want to take that chance and he changed his name too.

How many musicians can you identify by their birth names?  Take our quiz and find outI  We've put the answers in the end of the list, so keep score and let us know how you did.


  1.  Onika Tanya Maraj
  2. Peter Gene Hernandez
  3. Audrey Perry
  4.  Stephani Germanotta
  5. Reginald Dwight
  6. Katheryn Hudson
  7. John Roger Stephens
  8. Cherilyn Sarkisian
  9. Stevland Hardaway Judkins
  10. DeClan Patrick MacManus
  11. Anna Mae Bullock
  12. Robert Zimmerman
  13. Roberta Joan Anderson
  14. Vincent Damon Furnier
  15. Paul David Hewson
  16. David Hayward Jones
  17. Farookh Bulsara
  18. Hugh Anthony Chegg III
  19. John Francis Bongiovi Jr.
  20. Patricia Mae Andrzejewski
  21. Steven Tallarico
  22. Gordon Sumner


  1.  Onika Tanya Maraj--Nicki Minaj
  2. Peter Gene Hernandez--Bruno Mars
  3. Audrey Perry--Faith Hill
  4.  Stephani Germanotta--Lady Gaga
  5. Reginald Dwight--Elton John
  6. Katheryn Hudson--Katy Perry
  7. John Roger Stephens--John Legend
  8. Cherilyn Sarkisian--Cher
  9. Stevland Hardaway Judkins--Stevie Wonder
  10. DeClan Patrick MacManus--Elvis Costello
  11. Anna Mae Bullock--Tina Turner
  12. Robert Zimmerman--Bob Dylan
  13. Roberta Joan Anderson--Joni Mitchell
  14. Vincent Damon Furnier--Alice Cooper
  15. Paul David Hewson--Bono
  16. David Hayward Jones--David Bowie
  17. Farookh Bulsara--Freddie Mercury
  18. Hugh Anthony Chegg III--Huey Lewis
  19. John Francis Bongiovi Jr.--Jon Bon Jovi
  20. Patricia Mae Andrzejewski--Pat Benatar
  21. Steven Tallarico--Steven Tyler
  22. Gordon Sumner--Sting

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