The Kansas City Zoo will be hosting a one-of-a-kind art festival at the zoo featuring steel artwork of animals.

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Set to run from September 1 through December 11 the Kansas City Zoo is excited to bring this unique experience to their zoo guests. GloWild is a way to see art and animals at night light up the zoo for a lantern festival like no other.

GloWild will be featuring massive handmade steel and silk works of art depicting animals, local landmarks, botanicals, and Asian cultural creations. GloWild will be the largest event of its kind in the Midwest!

The tour you will take during the festival is a one-way path through the top side of the zoo. You will continue your journey, which will take about 90-minutes, through t the one mile of displays. The zoo will be closed to animals at this time as they will all be in bed, but there will be plenty for you to visit as you take your time through the festival.

You can choose whichever evening you would like to visit the festival, which ranges in price, but if you are planning on going tickets are limited so I would book early.

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