I would argue that there are few moments in Missouri that can compare to this. A brand new video share from a camper in Missouri reveals the moment when she realized that their campground was suddenly full of a wild horse herd.

If you go to the Shawnee Creek Campground near Eminence, Missouri, you're in wild horse country. It is a known stomping ground (quite literally) for one of the rare wild horse herds in the state. Just look at these beautiful animals that surprised Tammy Page during her visit there on June 3, 2024.

Visit Eminence says that this herd of horses is one of only two wild horse herds in the Midwest. The Missouri Wild Horse League was formed over 32 years ago to try and protect them.

You should be so fortunate to have these animals still running free in the wilds of Missouri to pay you a visit on your camping trip.

I remember a couple of years ago, someone captured video of this herd crossing the Current River in Missouri.

It's yet another take your breath away moment when you get away from civilization in Missouri. Nothing quite like these wild horses still managing to run free in 2024.

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