It's bad enough when someone steals a package from someone's porch. It's even worse when that package contains vital medical equipment for a child which is exactly what happened to a Missouri family.

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I saw this horrible example of inhumanity shared by Fox 4 out of Kansas City and also Yahoo News. It's equipment that a one-year-old boy named Carlos in the Kansas City area needs to live.

They report that little Carlos was born with genetic challenges and had to have a tracheotomy at 2 weeks old. He began the first 3 months of his life at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

The equipment that was sent to the family helps keep Carlos breathing area cleaned. The one he was using cracked and the family had to order a new one which was delivered last Saturday. It was then that the security camera picked up a woman who stopped her white vehicle, grabbed the box and took off.

One interesting twist is the family has not alerted police yet as they're hoping to appeal to her to simply bring back the equipment they say is of no use to her. It's important to note that the woman who's face was blurred in the video has not been charged with a crime at this time. They're hoping she'll simply bring the equipment back and let that be it.

Let's hope the conscience of this person convinces them to return what is not theirs so this family can take care of their son.

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