I demand a recount. A new ranking of the states with the most dangerous weather doesn't have Missouri anywhere near the top. How can this be? Science I suppose.

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This is an interesting new read from 24/7 Wall St. It's a ranking of the most dangerous states for weather. Without looking at the results, I figured Missouri and Illinois would easily be in the top 10. Boy, was I wrong.

To their credit, this ranking was based on a lot of data including the most confirmed deaths directly attributed to weather in the last 4 years. Injuries from weather events were also factored in then they pulled the ranking based on population. I'm not sure I'm in agreement with that last one deciding most dangerous weather states, but per capita did play a part in how "dangerous" each state's weather was.

With all of that taken into consideration, Missouri is ONLY ranked at #24 will Illinois comes in at #19.  The reasons why both of our states come in so low compared to where I thought they'd be include that Missouri has only had 19 confirmed weather deaths in the past 4 years while Illinois has 26. I'm still mystified how Missouri and Illinois aren't higher considering that the weather experts estimate that tornado alley has moved from Kansas and Oklahoma to our part of America.

For what it's worth, Arizona amazingly is ranked as the most dangerous weather state in America. Go figure.

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