Some states are taking drastic measures to make sure minor's access to social media first has the approval of parents. Should Illinois and Missouri do the same?

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NBC News is reporting that Utah just became the first state to require parental approval before minors are allowed to make a social media profile. They say the new Utah law "require that social media companies verify the age of any Utah resident who makes a social media profile and get parental consent for any minor who wishes to make a profile".

The new Utah measure doesn't stop with the creation of an account. It forbids social media companies from showing minor accounts when users search. There's also no 24/7 access as minors can only access their accounts until 10:30 pm and are locked out until 6:30 am.

But, wait, there's more. Parents are required to have constant access to the profiles and messages of minors in their family. Social media companies are now not allowed to suggest content to minors that might lead to addictive apps.

The law which is now in effect in Utah allows social media companies until March 1, 2024 to comply otherwise they could be punished with criminal and civil penalties.

This begs the question if Missouri and Illinois should consider the same type of law or regulation or something similar? Government Technology says that the Missouri Senate is already considering a bill that would be even more drastic blocking any child under the age of 16 from social media.

Politico reported last year that a total of 34 states were considering legislation governing minors on social media. Is it time for Missouri and possibly Illinois to take steps in this direction? It appears some of those steps are already making progress.

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