Residents of Missouri have been added to Chicago's Quarantine list, here's what it means for you...

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced this morning that four more states have been added to the Chicago Quarantine list, Missouri, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and North Dakota, this all according to ABC 7 Chicago.

According to the web article from ABC 7 Chicago (which you can see by clicking here!) that if you are from any of the states on the Chicago Quarantine list, or are a resident of Illinois who is coming back to Illinois after spending more then 24 hours in one of the states on the Chicago Quarantine list, you must self quarantine when you arrive in Chicago.

On the City of Chicago's website they say...

"travelers entering or returning to Chicago from states experiencing a surge in new COVID-19 cases to quarantine for a 14-day period from the time of last contact within the identified state."

Meaning that if you are from Missouri and you go to Chicago you must self quarantine for 14 days before you are able to go out and enjoy the city. This is obviously just more of a reason to cut down on any sort of travel that into the city of Chicago that isn't necessary, as the city of Chicago is trying their best to avoid a spike in cases and becoming a COVID-19 epicenter like New York, Miami, Houston, and Los Angeles have all been. I'm not sure exactly how long these states will be on Chicago's quarantine list, but it's safe to assume that they wont be taken off until their coronavirus cases drop way down.



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