I hope you have had the opportunity to view what they are calling the “supermoon” the last couple of days. I happened to see it Sunday night when it magically appeared over the right field fence at Q.U. Stadium while I was watching the Quincy Gems play baseball. It was quite a sight.  Last night was no different. Tonight will be a good night to view it again. It no longer is completely full, but it will still be worth gazing at.

So what makes this moon different form all the other full moons?  Well the answer is that this moon is making its closest approach to Earth during its elliptical orbit which makes it appear larger than normal. This lineup of the moon and Earth can sometimes increase the risk of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions during this period of time.

If you were unable to see it the last few nights you will get another chance in September on the evening of September 9. That’s when the moon will be even closer to earth than it was this month. Don’t miss it. It is well worth looking at.

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