I would like to begin by stating that 'D' is technically a passing grade. Don't ask me how I know. However, when it comes to being rated as a place to potentially live, it's especially bad. The good news is there's only one Wisconsin place that received this bottom of the barrel rating. The bad news is it deserved it.

I was more than a little surprised when I began research into the best (and in this case worst) places to live in Wisconsin. Niche is one of the more respected sites for rating places since it bakes in many different kinds of metrics including quality of public schools, crime and safety, job opportunities and I could go on and on.

Once they conclude with rating all the different categories for Wisconsin places, they award an overall grade. When I asked their database to show me if any places in Wisconsin received the lowest grade possible (yes, a 'D'), only one result came up.

(*drum roll*)....congratulations Milwaukee. You came up at the bottom of the Wisconsin list with the infamous distinction of being the only place in the state to get an overall places rated grade of 'D'.

The good news is the Brewers had a good start to the baseball season. The bad news is they had to do it in Milwaukee.

A quick personal note. I have many friends who have either lived in or near Milwaukee. It really doesn't deserve the bad rap it gets in most cases. There are good areas and bad ones just like any other big city. However, it's not the same place that Laverne and Shirley would be proud of either now, is it?

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