During each of my shows I talk about Harvest Ridge Coffee. It is supplied to us by Refreshment Services Pepsi, and in exchange for the service, we talk about it on the radio.

When I discuss Harvest Ridge Coffee, I explain how "your daily coffee moment should be one of the best times of the day." Granted, I have several coffee moments through the day. Some are better than others.

Often I invite listeners to come and have a coffee moment with me. Craig Hollmann recently took me up on my offer - he came to the studio to have a coffee moment with me.

It was enjoyable. A welcome break in the day. We discussed the Quincy Gems, karaoke, and the Y101 Lunch Buffet. Craig made a great suggestion of playing all Queen, and tying it in somehow with Queen Elizabeth. Turns out her 92nd birthday is Saturday April 21. So Friday the 20th, I will be playing all Queen on the Y101 Lunch Buffet.

Thank you, Craig, for the suggestion...and for coming in to have a coffee moment with me.

Craig & Michael enjoying a coffee moment. Photo: Brodie
TSM Photo

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