Hugs, who knew that we would not be able to ug our friends and family for a long time. People are getting very creative on how you can give hugs, and keep your loved ones safe.

Not being able to hug grandparents, or aunts and uncles, and friends is hard, I love giving hugs. However, people are coming up with creative ways to hug their loved ones, while being safe at the same time. Its call "Hug Screen" made simply out of one shower curtain and plastic bags. One creative person, Carly Marinaro, shared on twitter a step by step process on how to make your own screen.

You can get as creative with your screen as you want. Maybe a Disney themed one, or make one with some of our favorite positive quotes, or do what Carly did and place hearts all over your screen.

I love how people are coming up with creative ways to share love and not spread COVID-19. We will get through this, just have to be safe and do our part. We do this know, then fingers crossed in a few weeks (hopefully) we can get back to hugging without a curtain.

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