Missouri is home to some great places to visit, but one attraction in Hannibal has been voted one of the most epic places to visit in the entire state.

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Anything Mark Twain is epic, but there is something about his boyhood home and museum that sets it apart from anything else, and why it made the list of epic places to visit. This place is where most people start when thinking about Mark Twain. The history of where the famous author once lived with the rest of his family.

The Boyhood Home has been open to the public since 1912, making it one of the earliest historic house preservation efforts in the country. It is on both the National Register of Historic Places and is designated as a National Historic Landmark.

Also making the list of epic places to visit Missouri are The Arch, the Anheuser Busch Brewery, UNion Station, Stone Hill Winery, Meramec Caverns, and Lemp Mansion. So, having Hannibal represented on this list is really exciting for Hannibal.  I am sure when people get ready for road trips and see this list they will hopefully put Hannibal on their list of stops to make.

I have not been to the home and museum since elementary school, it's definitely something that I will need to do anything along with my girls. I can't wait until they get a little older and start reading some of his books.

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