There are many legends of buried treasure in both Missouri and Illinois. I noticed that especially when it comes to the Land of Lincoln, there are numerous legends that claim mobsters may have stashed millions under Illinois farms.

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It appears that "the family" has been doing some digging over the past century in Illinois if these theories are true. One site I found called Treasure Seekr listed several mob related treasures that are hidden perhaps under our feet. They included the following:

Famous gangster Sam Anatuna - $70,000 worth of cash gold and jewels near route 66 near Briarwood Glen in Cook County Illinois

Harvey John Bailey - $1,000,000 on a farm near Richmond, Illinois

Mobster Vito Giannola - a dozen waterproof lunch boxes under a farm near Horseshoe Lake in Granite City

Metal Detecting Ghost Towns of the East backs up both the Vito Giannola and the Sam Anatuna buried fortune claims.

Mysterious Heartland adds to the Harvey John Bailey story and said that he was staying at that farm near Richmond, Illinois after one of his many infamous holdups. He was sentenced to life in prison in 1933 and after his release in 1964, he never made it back to recover his loot before his death.

With the well-known mobster families in both Chicago and St. Louis, it is not surprising that they would likely have stashed money, jewels and other valuables in remote farmland in between. How much remains under Illinois farms is a mystery. The idea that it was at least there at some point is almost a given.

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