Sorry, Little Monsters, don't expect Lady Gaga to make her directorial film debut any time soon. The pop icon is perfectly content in front of the camera — though she's happy to direct a music video or two!

Speaking to Variety in a new cover story, the singer-turned-leading-lady who stars in Bradley Cooper's critically acclaimed A Star Is Born remake revealed that she has no plans to work behind the scenes in filmmaking like Cooper.

When she and Cooper expressed they'd like to work together again in the future, the actor quipped that "maybe she'll direct," but Gaga shut it down.

"No, no, no! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves or confuse our mediums. I did this because I believed in him and all the people he brought together. I’ll stick to directing music videos," she replied, squashing the dreams of fans hoping for a feature film directed by the pop star.

In another excerpt of the interview, both Gaga and Cooper claimed that despite glowing praise for the musical drama, neither of them have read any reviews for A Star Is Born... except for Cooper, who was horrified by what he read one time.

"I read one review, and it was horrible. It was from a place I grew up reading my whole life. And I just saw it on a news feed."

"My manager will sometimes text me little one-liners here and there," Gaga added. "I’ll be like, ‘Stop it!’"

Lady Gaga at 'A Star Is Born' Premiere

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