What's better than having fast food delivered to your home? The answer is nothing. Delivery is the best idea some one has ever come up with. And it looks like two fast food giants (Taco Bell and KFC) are jumping into the delivery business to make it easier for their customers.

Yum! Brands (the company that owns both KFC & Taco Bell) announced that they have teamed up with Grubhub to offer online ordering for pick-up and delivery soon. In a $200 million deal, Grubhub will help the fast-food businesses increase their sales.

As much as I know you love sitting in the drive-thru waiting and waiting for your fast food, this might be so much easier for you. Busy day at work? Not much will beat a guy coming to your door with a box of tacos and a bucket of chicken.

It will be interesting to see how other fast-food chains respond. Could this be a major fast food game changer? We'll find out soon enough!

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