If you go out driving anywhere lately you had to have noticed the amount of motorcycles that are now on the highways and byways in the Tri-State area.

I have always been fascinated by those open aired two wheeled machines. Now there are more and more three wheeled ones (Trikes) as well. Every year the concern is the same. ”Please watch for motorcycles” is the safety campaign that local agencies stress for automobile drivers. That is even more of a concern because of the problem of distracted drivers especially those using cell phones while driving.

But this is a two way street as far as safety goes. The other night  I noticed a pair of bikers “having fun” weaving back and forth in front of my car. Then later a biker went flying by me on Broadway going at least 50 miles an hour. I say this fully knowing that bikers are generally safety conscience people but there are the few who aren’t that will give the rest a bad name. For the bikers reading this, I suggest you police your own. When you see someone doing these things while on a bike, talk to them. Don’t let them put you in the “bad biker” mode by association. Everyone will be safer for it.

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