The tween set was shocked beyond belief when Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted riding segways in his Calabasas, Calif. neighborhood this week. And now there's more evidence they're back on: Biebs posted a photo with Sel on Instagram!

Bieber captioned the above photo, "Love the way you look at me." Aw!

How did they get back together? A source dished, “During the holidays, Justin played on the emotions they have for each other and worked them to his advantage because who wants to be alone during the holidays?” The source added, “Selena accepted his advances and invitations. She should really watch out though, he is definitely interested in Selena but not for all the right and gentleman type reasons.”

Uh oh! Sounds like Bieber gave her some booty calls. But don't think that's all that's going on here. Another source revealed that Bieber is helping Gomez cope with her lupus privately.

The insider said, "They’ve been talking every day, he really understands what she’s going through with her lupus. He’s been so supportive because he knew how much she wanted to keep that private." As for their segway excursion, the insider revealed, "Justin started to invite her over when he knew she would be in town, now that she is taking time for herself. This isn’t the first time they have hung out recently at his place.”

Another sign that they're giving it another go? Remember during their previous reunions when Bieber would post a photo and then delete it almost immediately (apparently forgetting that screenshots are forever)? This one is still up!

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