You won't see a fish like this very often. A Missouri man went fishing and caught himself a whopper. The fish at the end of his hook actually dates back to prehistoric times. Spoiler Alert - he threw it back.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation shared the happy news earlier today that Chandler Lee Tudor caught a rare sturgeon out of the Gasconade River in Pulaski County a few days ago. They included the following startling fact:

Lake sturgeon are large, prehistoric fish that occur in the Missouri and Mississippi river systems. They can grow to lengths of 8 feet and weigh up to 300 pounds!

If Stephen Spielberg is seeing this, please consider filming the next Jurassic Park/World movie in Missouri.

So why did Chandler throw this magnificent sturgeon back? They're on the endangered list, so that's the rules. Bummer, but I get it.

The Missouri Department of Conservation website mentions this is specifically a Pallid Sturgeon and they are unfortunately very endangered. It also says they can live up to 40 years which is quite impressive in the fish world. You'll rarely see one as they lurk near the bottom of rivers like the Gasconade.

Seriously though. This scene could happen in Missouri. Really.

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