You will rarely ever see this. The Storm Prediction Center and the National Weather Service in St. Louis has issued a "particularly dangerous situation" watch warning of the potential for strong tornadoes for the St. Louis, Missouri area.

The National Weather Service in St. Louis shared this harrowing graphic about what's possible in the St. Louis area for Sunday night.

This radar image as of this writing from Radar Scope shows the tornadic activity has already begun with one tornado warning near Eureka already in effect.


Radar Scope
Radar Scope

The National Weather Service explains how serious a PDS (particularly dangerous situation) watch means saying it's only issued " when the forecaster has high confidence that multiple strong (F2-F3 on the Fujita Scale) or violent tornadoes (F4-F5 on the Fujita Scale) will occur in the watch area".

Sunday night is one to watch for severe weather if you live or plan to be anywhere near the St. Louis, Missouri area. A PDS watch is about as intense as it gets for big tornado development.

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