A sad day here in the Land of Lincoln, as a legendary business in Illinois is filing for bankruptcy. What does this mean for the workers and the customers who love going to this business? Here is what we know so far...

According to an article from Freight Waves, Oberweis Dairy is filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Oberweis has been in business in the Land of Lincoln for 97 years and is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois.

Why is Oberweis making this move? In the article, they say "Oberweis owes more than $4 million to the company’s top 20 unsecured creditors, including Nussbaum Transportation of Hudson, Illinois..." The article goes on to mention that there are over 40 Oberweis Dairy Ice Cream locations in Illinois and Missouri, to read more about the bankruptcy filing, click here!

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More bad news for the Land of Lincoln

Illinois is bad for business, article after article, year after year, we see companies moving out of Illinois, or the companies that are iconic brands in the state have to file for bankruptcy, it is sad. The leaders of this state don't do enough to make Illinois a thriving business environment and it leads to things like this happening. Oberweis Dairy Ice Cream and Milk is FANTASTIC, if you have ever had some you agree with me the product is great, and maybe the family in charge is to blame for why they have to file for bankruptcy but with a product as good as theirs this truly feels like an Illinois story more than an Oberweis mismanagement story, but time will tell. Hopefully, the people who work for them will keep their jobs and stores won't have to close.

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