It was a typical Monday morning for Missouri firefighters who were on their way to a call when they noticed something else was in distress. This is the story of how they ended up helping with two emergencies with the second being an injured bald eagle in a ditch.

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The Mid-County Fire Protection District in the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks area of Missouri shared this inspiring story to their Facebook page Monday morning. They were on their way to assist an emergency helicopter with a landing when they saw a bald eagle in distress in a ditch.

After helping the helicopter, they circled back to help this symbol of America who was in trouble.

According to their press release on Facebook, the bald eagle was picked up by the Missouri Department of Conservation and transported to Columbia, Missouri where the bird could get the help it needed to recover.

Kudos to these firefighters for taking the time from their always busy rescue days to help an iconic American eagle, too. Let's hope this bird gets nursed back to full health so it can return to the Missouri skies where it should be.

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