Sometimes it's obvious that someone who's sharing data about Wisconsin probably doesn't live there or has visited. This might be a perfect example. There's a new ranking that claims Milwaukee is no longer Wisconsin's most dangerous city, but there's a big problem and some questions.

There's a new most dangerous cities in Wisconsin ranking that was just shared only a few weeks ago by Property Club. I know the writer is likely very accomplished and likely better at their profession than I am at mine (admittedly that's not raising the bar very high). But, look at their top 10 most dangerous cities in Wisconsin and see if you notice anything.

Their #2 most dangerous city in Wisconsin is...(*drum roll*)...Milwaukee. Guess where the #1 most dangerous city in Wisconsin is? Answer (according to them) - Brown Deer, Wisconsin. If you're not familiar with the Milwaukee area, this is where Brown Deer is.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Do you see the big elephant in the room? That's right. Brown Deer is more or less Milwaukee. There's another issue. Brown Deer is a village and not a "city". That small village is a part of the greater Milwaukee area. In defense of the writer of this new ranking, she does mention that Brown Deer is part of the Milwaukee area, but doesn't seem to recognize it isn't a city.

If you look at the FBI crime data like Property Club did when they came up with their ranking, will you find violent crime in the Brown Deer community? Oh yes, you sadly will.

My point is that anyone from the Milwaukee area will likely roll their eyes when they see "Milwaukee is no longer the most dangerous Wisconsin city" when #1 is Brown Deer. It's what happens when you're looking at a spreadsheet, but live a thousand miles away in New York City or parts unknown.

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