Governor JB Pritzker is making it clear that the state of Illinois is prepared to handle protests with big events scheduled this summer in the Land of Lincoln. Here is what you need to know...

According to an article from CBS News, leaders in Illinois are prepared to handle protesters as the Democratic National Convention descends on Chicago this summer. There has been a rise of protests across the country with ongoing wars, gender rights, and more issues that will be important to people in the upcoming election.

How is Illinois going to handle the protests that the DNC will bring with it? In the article, the Governor is quoted saying "Look, we believe in free speech, and we're going allow people to protest, and, you know, say whatever it is they want to say," Pritzker said. "But the reality is we're also going to make sure that people have ingress and egress and that they're safe in our state." The article goes on to mention how recently protestors shut down a highway outside of Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, and that forced some people to walk to make sure they made their flights, to read more, click here!

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Here is my advice...

How can you make sure you avoid the possible chaos surrounding the Democratic National Convention in Chicago? DON'T GO TO CHICAGO... The DNC is happening from 8/19 through 8/22, just avoid the Second City on those dates and you'll be good! If you want to make sure you avoid the possible protests taking over highways and streets, then I would just say avoid the city the week before and the week after as well.

It sucks to have to avoid Chicago for a week (because Chicago is the BEST city in the USA during the Summer months), but it's for the best.

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