Well, this isn't good news...As we near the cicada season, some experts are saying Illinois will be the cicada capital of the US when the hoards arrive. Here are the details you need to know...

According to an article on AOL, Illinois will be the "ground zero" for the two emerging cicada broods in an event that hasn't been seen since 1803. They describe the fact that there are two different waves of cicadas that will both show up this spring the 13-year brood, and the 17-year brood, these two broods haven't both emerged at the same time since BEFORE Illinois was even a state.

In the map that they share in the AOL article, the middle of Illinois is where you will see the biggest crossover between the two broods. They do mention, "After 2024, Brood XIII and Brood XIX cicadas won’t sync up their emergences again until the year 2245." So we are about to experience something that no one else in our lifetimes will experience! For more information on this once-in-a-lifetime event, where Illinois will take center stage, click here!

Is this cool or awful?

Part of me thinks this is pretty cool, first time in over 200 years this is happening, and won't happen again for another 200-plus years. But the other part of me hates cicadas and thinks this is going to suck...I am sure we will see tons of photos and videos from Central Illinois where the two broods are coming out in the same places, that will be fun to see, but I would also suggest if you had any plans to spend time in Central Illinois this spring and early summer, I would cancel those ASAP...

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