If the state of Illinois gets its way, you won't have a driver's license in your wallet anymore. They plan to forcefully take it away and move it somewhere else. This is me predicting that many will not be pleased with the destination while the younger generation will likely be thrilled.

Full disclosure: In my other life, I am also a certified computer technician. I once replaced a laptop screen during my radio show. True story. My point is that I'm not anti-technology. I love digital tools (at times) and this is a development that is probably inevitable that's being tried in Illinois.

The Center Square in Illinois is reporting that there is a proposal in the Illinois legislature to remove your driver's license from your wallet and put it in your phone. They say it is "House Bill 4592, an initiative of the Illinois Secretary of State" from State Rep. Kam Buckner.

There are some very good reasons why Illinois state people think this is a great development. Their argument is that physical driver's licenses are easy to manipulate and make fraudulent. The tech guy part of me wonders if they know how the dark web will likely easily pass by their security measures to make the digital versions fraudulent, too.

Call me overly cynical, but I've never seen a state-ordered digital initiative create something that the evil tech people on the web can't crack. I realize that a digital driver's license will be appealing to many and perhaps it really is a great idea. The critical question will be if they can 100% make it secure and not something that criminals can use to make identity theft even easier.

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