There have been reports of some crazy flash flooding in the southern parts of Missouri over the past few days, but a new video share shows how much some areas have been drenched as you can see a farm road being completely flooded over.

Based on the brief video description, this was the scene on a farm near Grovespring, Missouri on June 7, 2024. Grovespring is a small village in Wright County. They just had a lot of rain dumped on them as this video proves. I had Kirastin Holstead reach out to me with some backstory about what she and her husband experienced:

The posts you see on the side aren’t our gate, it’s actually further back and towards the left of the drive you can see in the video but you can’t actually see my gate. The water was just so high it was impassable until water started lowering. When we went through it in that video, it was probably an inch or two under my door in our lifted RAM 1500.

According to Weather Underground, the Springfield, Missouri area received between 3 and 5 inches of rain in some areas around the June 7 timeframe. Most of that moisture came in downpours that didn't last long, but left the saturated ground flooded.

This farm video from Grovespring, Missouri reminds me of the famous flash flooding video shared by Reed Timmer from near Mount Vernon, Missouri years ago.

Thanks to Kirastin for allowing me to share her video. Just shows how crazy Missouri rain can get sometimes.

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