Some of my best memories growing up in Missouri involved my family going somewhere with great water. That is one thing that Missouri does not lack - great swimming places. Here are 24 amazing options that won't cost you a dime.

Say what you want about Missouri, but there's no arguing that the state has epic lakes. It's also a huge plus that Missouri does not charge you anything to enter its state parks. Come as you are.

TPF! Travel Plus via YouTube
TPF! Travel Plus via YouTube

Missouri State Parks has a great guide to direct you to where the great water is that's swimmable. It's also important to mention that swimming is one of those things you do at your own risk. Having fun is the objective as long as it's done safely following all the posted rules so you don't become a tragic statistic.

Here are the Missouri state parks that offer swimming within:

Let me echo the words from Missouri State Parks when I say "Swimming in the lakes, streams and rivers in state parks is at your own risk."  The great news is you can swim at all these great Missouri places and it won't cost you a thing.

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