March Madness is here again and that means BIG money for the state of Illinois, and another reminder to states out there (like Missouri) that they are missing out on big revenue...

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March Madness is one of the biggest sports events of the year, behind only the Super Bowl really. And if you live in a state like Illinois you can legally gamble on games during March Madness if you live in a state like Missouri you can't, and your state is missing out on big money.

According to, the state of Illinois made over $2 million in revenue during March Madness in 2022, the site goes on to say...

"March Madness meant over $2 million in tax revenue for Illinois last year and this year could mean even more...Illinois’ total sports betting market grew more than 50% last year, so there is good potential for 2023 March Madness betting to rise...Legal gambling in total brought in $1.9 billion during fiscal year 2022."

The site goes on to say that Illinois has recently passed New Jersey as the 2nd biggest sports gambling state behind only New York. To read more about the March Madness gambling numbers here in the Land of Lincoln check out the full article from Illinois Policy by clicking here! 

Let me be clear, I live in Illinois and Illinois needs ALL the help it can get, so I am pro there being sports gambling (I use the sports gambling apps myself). I will also say, as long as neighboring states to Illinois like Wisconsin, and Missouri doesn't have legal sports gambling that benefits Illinois as well. I go to Missouri to fill up my gas tank, Missourians will drive across the river to place a bet on their apps, and the money can keep being exchanged that way.

Do you think Missouri should legalize sports gambling?

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