Tommy Shaw believes Styx deserves to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and he hopes he and his bandmates are alive if they finally get the call.

During a conversation, Shaw was asked why Styx has yet to be inducted into the Hall despite being eligible since 1998.

“I hope we all live long enough to find the answer to that question,” the rocker responded. “But that’s not for me to decide.”

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A look at the Hall’s track record shows that Shaw’s concerns are valid. The institution has inducted many artists posthumously who could have received the honor while they were still alive. The most recent example is MC5, who will finally get inducted this October after being eligible since 1992. The group was nominated six previous times before getting selected for enshrinement, and all of the band’s classic members have since passed away.

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Shaw went on to share his further thoughts about the Hall, noting that Bad Company is another acts he’d personally like to see get honored.

“I don’t know the process [for selection] and it’s really none of my business,” the guitarist explained. “It’s a nice thing to have people rally around artists they like, but we have zero influence [over the decision].”

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Shaw clarified that he’s not against the Hall of Fame, and even expressed enthusiasm for previous inductees.

“I’m glad when artists are recognized. It’s a great thing for everyone,” the rocker admitted. “Like when Rush was in inducted? Appreciated. Deserved. It’s an honor for anybody who is inducted, but it doesn’t help write that next song. We all know the reality: it looks good on television.”

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