Today is a sad day for my family and I as we had to say goodbye to our Daisy Girl.

I remember when I picked her out of the box, something straight out of a movie, she picked us as much as we picked her. She was a tiny thing a mix between a Jack Russell and a Beagle, known as a Jack-A-Bee. Along with Pugsley (who we lost in 2019) they were both my husband and I's first kids. Our first responsibility as "parents" to keep a living thing alive. We took those two everywhere the park, car rides (which Daisy loved; not only look out the window, but jump out of a moving car window), and even vacations.

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When Ava came into our world Daisy was so protective of her, she would lay next to her, make sure if Ava was crying I knew that she needed me, and was so patient with Ava when she started learning to grab and pull, but she did have a wild side. Daisy was a crazy dog, all Jack Russel, so hyper and full of life, she love to jump and run and just be outside. As years passed she stated to slow down, we noticed but figured she was getting older it was to be expected. No more running as much, or jumping, just laying down and enjoying the peace (that is until Max came along).

She was so patient with him, just as she was with Ava. There were times she had to get a little in his face, but for the most part those two got along. When we put Pugsley down I knew Daisy would not be far behind, and today was that day.

She was 14, not eating or drinking, we think she might have had a stroke, and was just miserable. I looked at my husband and told him it was time. Even making the phone call to the vet I was crying, but the hardest was telling Ava, she's such a kind soul and loves all animals, especially her Daisy Girl.

When I came home from work yesterday Ava was sitting next to Daisy just crying, and I reminded Ava that Daisy was old and tired and has lived a great life, and we don't want her to hurt anymore. She understood, but its never easy. We gave Daisy (or at least tried) a good last night with us, but she was just too tired and frail. We were blessed to have her for 14-years, and will have those memories forever. She is back with Pugsley running and jumping and playing.

You never think when you get a pet the attachment and love you will have for them. It was so hard to say goodbye to her today, but I know now she is in a better place, happy and healthy. I know in time we will feel better and move on, but for now we grieve our Daisy Girl and we will see her again.

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