Via his Facebook page (with the help of his BFF Jimmy Fallon), Justin Timberlake announced he will be performing at this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show.

It was rumored a few weeks ago, that JT was in talks for the gig. It'll actually be his third time on the stage. As a member of N'SYNC, he performed alongside Aersomith, Britney Spears, and others during the 2001 spectacle. And of course who can forget the infamous "wardrobe malfunction" debacle with Janet Jackson during the 2004 festivities.

Some thought he may never return to the stage after that stunt, but turns out he will be. The Pepsi Halftime Show has seen some great acts in the past years including Lady Gaga last year, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and my personal favorite, Prince.

It will be interesting to see if N'SYNC does a little reunion just like Beyonce did with Destiny's Child. I am sure we will all be watching to see what he has in store. It it's anything like his concerts, it's gonna be epic.

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